Simone Sawyer SHS

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step

Apr 20, 2023

Never in a million years would I think I would be doing something like this, but I am so glad that I am.

For little over a year now, I have been struggling with heavy depression and anxiety. It’s been like living in a world of darkness, where everyday has been a battle against my own mind. I felt very isolated, hopeless, and alone and it seemed like there was no escape from the pain that I have been experiencing.

But then, something changed. I realized I wasn’t alone in my struggle and that there are people out there that understand what I am going through. I found support, comfort, and understanding in others that have walked the same path. That’s when I knew I wanted to create a platform where we can together share our stories, connect with each other and support one another during the ups and downs of life. As I launch this platform, I am reminded of the words of Maya Angelou “You may encounter defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter defeats, so you know who you are, what you can rise from, and how you can still come out of it.”

Launching this platform will be a journey in itself. It’s going to be scary, exhilarating, and challenging all at the same time. But every time I think about the impact it could have, it gives me the courage to keep going. I know that I’m not alone in this fight, and neither are you. The mission is to inspire individuals to prioritize their mental health, break down stigma, and support people through hard times. So, if you’re struggling with your mental health, know that you’re not alone. You don’t have to suffer in silence, and it’s okay to not be okay. I encourage you to reach out to me even if i don’t know you, someone you trust, seek professional help, or check out the resources that my platform has to offer.

If you are an athlete, friend, coach, parent or someone who is struggling I invite you to join me on this journey and recovery. You deserve to be happy, seen, and loved. Let’s do this together, one mind at a time.

Thank you for reading,